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“be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.”
– ralph waldo emerson

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hello everyone!
in life, there are only a handful of people who inspire us so much our sense of direction changes and their lessons remain with us every day. 
for yours truly, melissa from ruby press is one of these people.
many of you already know and love melissa and her fantastic ruby press teammelissa’s impressive career at harper’s bazaar, mademoiselle and lucky have made her a fixture in the fashion world. and over the years, her pr firm, ruby press, has introduced new apparel, jewelry and paper designers to hollywood and the global fashion industry.
what many of you do not know is that, many moons ago, i worked for melissa as a member of ruby press.  and while melissa was technically my boss, she was so much more than that.  she has been a mentor, an inspiration and an example that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. i adore her to bits and hope you will too!
ok, enough gushing.
enjoy melissa’s stellar getaway below…

the passenger: 
melissa davis, ruby press blog
the getaway: 
since i can’t travel right now (just entered my third trimester of pregnancy!), anywhere sounds kind of fabulous!!  my favorite getaways in the summer are actually pretty local and easy to get to.  that’s one thing i love about living in northern california- you don’t have to travel far to “get away”, and i hate having to spend too much of my precious vacation time en route to my destination.  i love a few days spent at indian springs in calistoga, hotel duchamp in healdsburg, and mankas in inverness ….
{image of indian springs above}
the carry on: 
i’ll be carrying the yummy leather tote bag from iomoi as soon as it goes on sale (which is end of june).  i plan on ordering mine in navy blue with my initials in gold.  (it will also double as a chic diaper bag for me this fall.)
{image from iomoi}
summer staples: 
this summer it’s all about cotton dresses and the comfy tuxedo kurtas from rikshaw design.  for me, dressing with a big (and quickly growing!) baby bump is easy and summery in cotton dresses and lightweight tops with white jeans.  the dresses i’ll be wearing most this summer are from kerry cassill, calypso, matta, and of course an assortment of vintage dresses- i have a collection of loose fitting victorian dressing gowns in pure white cotton (most have embroidered initials on them- so charming!) and traditional mexican embroidered dresses.
{image from rikshaw design}
beauty bliss: 
because i can’t pitch something i don’t love, i always try out our potential clients products before i agree to working with them.  right now, i can’t be without my marie veronique organics anti-aging oil plus or moisturizing face screen plus, sen spa’s double dose eye creamsealed and delivered body moisturizer (the only thing I’ve found that keeps my dry pregnancy skin at bay!). i love fragrance, and right now i’m wearing two- astier de villatte’s eau de cologne {fresh and citrusy} and a custom fragrance made just for me at bergdorf goodman by memoire liquide (which combines fresh rose, orange blossom and fig).  i love almost all beauty products and fragrances with rose.
{image from here}
color code: 

it’s pretty much always a hot, almost neon pink and crisp white.  love both with a tan!!
{image from J.Crew}
page turners: 

i’ll be reading lots of baby books, and of course, as usual, magazines.
{image from here}
shaken or stirred: 
my favorite is something that sam (my husband) and i created last year- the penthouse!  {recipe here}.  i’ll make mine virgin this summer, of course, but i’m sure it will still taste delish.
{image from here}
the soundtrack:  

i haven’t bought any music in a while- and sadly, the only time i have really been listening to music is in the car, when i have it tuned into sirius XM’s sirius XMU {indie rock}, first wave {80’s alternative}, and the bridge {folk rock from the 70’s}.  we have music going at the office at all times, but it really becomes background noise.  but what I’m loving right now?  the grunge-y, garage-y sounds of bands like the black lips.
{image from here}
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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for including me Sylvia!!! It was so much fun. 😉

    And Kathryn- the iomoi bag will go up on their site for sale late June/early July. Cannot WAIT to order mine!


    Posted 6.24.10 Reply
  2. Hi! I looked for that brown leather bag on iomoi and can’t find it- but I want it! Do you have a direct link? Love the blog.

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply
  3. I can’t believe you two worked together! Such a small world of bloggers I admire! Loved Melissa’s responses. That iomoi tote is to die for!

    xx Katie

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply
  4. Pretty post! I checked out their blog too- so nice.

    That iomoi bag is def going to be on my list!

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply
  5. the Black Lips are awesome. You should check out Mermaids, another Atlanta band that I think you’d like. cool blog!

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply
  6. Elle Sees wrote:

    i hope you have the most amazing time!

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply