truly, madly, deeply

“i don’t design clothes. i design dreams”
– ralph lauren
the fitting room.
oh man, i am not a fan.
i’m the type of shopgirl who sees something, loves it and buys it on the spot. i’ve {thankfully} been the same weight for quite a while so i have a good grasp on what size i should buy. which is wonderful, because there is nothing i fear more than trying on clothes in the fitting room. it’s weird, i know. i feel awkward and embarrassed…and that fluorescent lighting! oof!
for this reason, i held off on looking at dresses for our big dayfor six months. the thought of having an audience while i was on my quest for this dream dress was daunting. and when the year mark finally rolled around…what did i do?
i shopped online.
i’m crazy, i know. but i promise on everything holy that i was able to find the perfect dress without ever stepping into a bridal salon. it did, however, take a lot of magazine browsing, online shopping, and picture sharing with my wonderfully supportive mother and closest, fashionable friends.
and since there is the slightest chance the fiance may decide to browse this site and read my daily musings, i will refrain from posting the dress here. instead, i will post the other dreamy dresses from my dress’s designer…
she is an ethereal yet cool brit designer who is after my own heart. and her non bridal styles are equally stunning. what is there not to love?

and the most serendipitous part? i found this lovely item on this site….70% off! no damages, clean and pristine and my size…worn once by the most charming newlywed who was expecting their first child in a few months.

 i have a feeling this was meant to be…


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friends, your sweet thoughts and inspiring comments are the bright spot of my day. please make the jump, hang out and share what’s on your mind. 🙂

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  1. Miss ED wrote:

    Wow, you have officially trumped me as *the* online shopper, a perfect wedding dress, that’s so amazing and wonderful!! I’m surrounded by all this wedding talk, I’m starting to have these crazy thoughts… better keep those a secret from the BF!

    Ripped Nylon

    Posted 9.3.10 Reply
  2. Susan Jane wrote:

    Wow! Gorgeous dresses! Can’t wait to see photos so we can all see what you chose.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  3. Congratulations on your amazing find! It was definitely meant to be!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  4. flyrish wrote:

    Gorgeous dresses! I’m sure you will be stunning.

    P.S. It’s Michie who used to work with your fiance. Excited for you guys– congrats! Love your blog!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  5. Amazing! As an online shopping champ (err, addict), I am totally impressed 🙂

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply