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What to Wear Active Weekend Style

Staying active. Yes, we have our gym days, barre classes, and hip hop dance classes, but for me, staying active is a way of life. With so much technology and everything accessible via smartphones and tablets, its easy to lose a day without any physical activity at all. And with a boisterous 3 year old bubbling over every morning, we’ve made a commitment to balancing our indoor time with our outdoor adventures.

Every weekend, when we’re all home together, we try to walk to all our errands and coffee runs in our neighborhood, with a scenic stroll along our backyard Ocean Beach in between. After breakfast, we’ll bring along our market totes, seat T in his stroller (we typically walk a few miles!), bundle up, and hit our local organic market for fresh fruits, veggies, healthy-ish snacks, and dinner ingredients. Next stop is down the block to our favorite bakery and coffee shop for the best homemade beignets and breakfast biscuit sandwiches. The bakery has an awesome parklet (outdoor seating area that you see me hanging out at below) with a box of colorful chalk for the kiddos to play with. We’ll all draw with T — fire trucks, school buses, rainbows, starfish, and more — until the last beignet bite is finished.

What to Wear Active Weekend Style


After that, we’ll explore and see what fun things we’ll find. Some days we’ll end up running around one of the nearby playgrounds. Other days we’ll park ourselves at the beach and build sandcastles. And there’s always the awesome window shopping of our darling boutiques for cool new graphic tees, sweatshirts, and thoughtful cards for friends. A few hours later, we’ll make our way back along the beach and up the hill to our home, refreshed and full of new family memories.


What to Wear Active Weekend Style


As for what my weekend style looks like — I believe we can be comfortable and stylish in just a few simple steps (and without breaking the bank!). I live in my black leggings for these weekend adventures, and this Xersion™ Studio Cotton Legging is as comfy as they come. As for my upper half, the key to living in San Francisco is layering, so I pair my basic long sleeve tees with cool pullovers – always with pockets. This Xersion™ Hooded Poncho is all kinds of wonderful — it’s oversized (my fave for beignet days), cozy, and the front pockets keeps everything I need. Pair those weekend favorites with comfy sneakers, a puffer jacket plus a scarf for the chillier days, and an easy, affordable weekend chic outfit is complete.

What to wear for active weekend style? Here are more of my weekend chic favorites for our active adventures around the city. JCPenney’s awesome assortment of comfy, cool, and wallet friendly leggings, joggers, pullovers, tees, and everything in between makes it a favorite spot for my weekend shopping essentials. $15 leggings and $12 cool tops? Yes please.

What to Wear | Active Weekend Style

What are some of your favorite weekend essentials for your active adventures? And tell us how you stay active every day!

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  1. Kami nelson wrote:

    Love this post! I’ll have to check out their stuff! I always find the best deals there!

    Posted 1.9.17 Reply
  2. Kami nelson wrote:

    Love this post! I’ll have to check out there stuff! I always find the best deals there!

    Posted 1.9.17 Reply