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happy easter, kiddies…..

this holiday filled with fluffy bunnies, baskets of sticky sweet candies and vibrant hued egg hunting brings out the child in me. i love easter!

and in true child-like spirit, i thought i’d share this darling post by moodboard about our shared excitement on the upcoming release of the wonderful, dreamy book-turned-movie, “where the wild things are.”



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Movie Inspiration: Where the Wild Things Are


Like everyone else, I can’t wait for Where The Wild Things Are to hit theaters in October. The fact that Artic Fire’s Wake up was paired up with the movie trailer only adds to the excitement. I love fantasy movies and their ability to transport you to another world.

Does anyone else feel that Spike Jonze, the director, took a page out of ex Sofia Coppola’s book in the dream like quality of this movie?


1. Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper 2. Anthropologie Rowena Scarf 3. Tiffany Gold Crown Charm 4.Fiorentini + Baker Buckle Boots 5. Nina Ricci Layered Dress

I love the color, mood, and promise of magic in this film so much that I put together a little inspiration board. This is exactly what I would wear to play in an enchanted forest.






Yes there is, and sometimes we need to break free and run.

Images created by Moodboard from Yahoo Movies

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