WHY I MARCH: My Women’s March Story

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WHY I MARCH: My Women’s March Story

– Today I march for those who physically cannot march.
– I march for my son to show him that women are fierce and strong and fight for the best lives for our future generations.
– I march because millions of women marched before me to give me the opportunities and privileges I have today.
– I march because this is my duty as a woman and immigrant daughter.
– I march because I am tired of watching this country turn into something I am ashamed of.
– I march because I can.
– I march because the FUTURE IS F*ck!ng FEMALE and it’s about time the world accepted that.
– I march today because I love.
– I march today because it’s time to turn hope into change.

I’m getting ready to head off to San Francisco City Hall for today’s Million Women’s March Rally and candlelight march. I’m wearing my Malia Mills THE FUTURE IS FEMALE tee, bundling up in my beanie and Patagonia down jacket, and lacing up my tried and true Nike trainers. But the fire in my heart and solidarity alongside my sisters will keep me safe and warm tonight, as we represent the millions of women in the world for the equal, fundamental rights we deserve today and for our future generations.





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